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meet the vt’s new music discovery club

The vt is an exclusive, underground new music discovery club dedicated to finding you the coolest music out there, with a financial model that meaningfully pays artists. We are a community of artists and music fanatics who love discovering music and who are working to build a better world for all of us.

"The service is great. You've created something pretty incredible that I feel people would really be interested in. It’s great to listen to and be exposed to new things. It's like a present, you never know what you're going to get."
- Emily Stadvec

“This service is amazing because it is supporting artists who are talented and need help. I also like the stylish web design.”
- Miki Kawanishi

“I got your links and gave it a whirl. Very user friendly and nicely laid out. I’m looking forward to hearing more artists.”
- Joanne Ledesma

“I LOVE it!”
- Lisa Smith

“When I use Spotify, it's for casual listening and background music. When I use your service, I take my time to really dig in and listen to the music and get to know the artists better. I love discovering artists on your service.”
- Laurie Slaven

“Great service. Simple and intuitive. The music is awesome!”
- Lauren Frick

“I look forward every week to see - or rather hear - what you have found.”
- Jonathan Baker

Our members are making a positive change in the music industry & creating a better world for everyone.

So how do you get in?


If you know someone who loves discovering new music and wants to see a better world for artists everywhere, buy them an annual membership. You will get a free membership for yourself as well so you can enjoy discovering new jams together for the next year.


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